Guest Vendor Application

Download and fill out an application to be considered a vendor at the Lyme Farmers Market.

Seasonal Vendor Application

Download and fill out an application to be considered a vendor at the Lyme Farmers Market.

Becoming a Vendor

General Rules
1.     Potential vendors are required to complete and submit a Lyme Farmers Market (LFM, Inc.) application on an annual basis. In addition to the application, vendors must provide the following: 

  1. Signed Hold Harmless Agreement;
  2. Signed Rules and Regulations Agreement;
  3. Certificate of Insurability; and
  4. Fees are due upon acceptance of scheduled dates.

2.     Vendor agrees to arrive at least one-half-hour before the Market opens, but no earlier than 7:30am. Upon arrival, vendors must report to the Market Manager to confirm their space number before setting up.

3.     The guest fee for the market day entitles the guest vendor to an approximately 10’ by 10’ space within the market, to be assigned by the Market Manager. Upon arrival, vendors must report to the Market Manager to confirm their space number before setting up. The fee is due upon acceptance of dates scheduled. A 50% refund will be given for a cancellation made on or before the Monday before the next market. Rescheduling may be optional depending upon space availability. In the event that a market is cancelled, the fee for that market will be refunded in full.

4.     All vendors of baked goods, processed foods, hot foods, or value-added edibles are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses or permits required by the State of Connecticut for the sale of such items.

5.     Vendors are responsible and are encouraged, to advise the Market Manager of any problems or concerns which may arise regarding other vendors or customers.

6.     Attendance is mandatory on rainy days. In case of extreme weather, a notification will be posted on our Facebook page.

7.    The market’s insurance policy prohibits smoking, vaping, and the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs on market grounds, including the parking area.

8.     No unauthorized solicitation and absolutely no solicitation of a political nature are permitted at the market. Political solicitation includes candidates, political parties, and political causes seeking to speak to voters or distribute political literature. It does not include voter registration drives or other non-partisan efforts.

9.    Vendors should provide proof of liability insurance naming Lyme Farmers Market, Inc. and Ashlawn LLC, 78 Bill Hill Rd., Lyme, CT 06371 as additional named insureds.

10.  Violation of any of the above rules and regulations may result in a vendor being terminated from the market.

Lyme Farmers Market Operating Schedule

  • Saturdays: 9:30am–1:00PM  
  • Opening Day: Saturday, June 16th, 2018
  • Closing: Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Product Guidelines
1.     The following products are permitted for sale at the LFM, Inc.: Vegetables, fruit, grains, cheeses, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, jams and jellies, processed foods, prepared foods, fruit juices, cider wines, coffee, tea, coffee beans, baked goods, maple products, honey and bee products, wool, plants, flowers, personal products such as lotions, oils and herbal remedies, jewelry, and clothing. Vendors of other products will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2.     The sale of items that have been purchased from producers other than the vendor are limited to 50% of the vendor’s total sales; and items must be clearly marked with producer’s name and location.

3.     All applicable regulations must be adhered to when selling permitted products.

4.     Goods offered for sale are expected to be of the highest quality.  If a vendor offers products of inferior quality, the vendor may be asked to withdraw the item(s).

5.     Products should be clearly priced and displayed in a manner that does not mislead customers.

6.     Vendors selling processed and prepared foods shall do so in compliance with the requirements of the Health Department and Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Agricultural Product Guidelines
Agricultural products are to be free of disease, insect problems, and visible defects; products are to meet standards of quality, freshness, size, and grade.

Food Product Guidelines
Food products must be free of defects, and should meet standards of quality and grade.

Plant and Flower Product Guidelines
Flower products, bedding plants, and houseplants are to be free of disease and insect problems; products are to meet standards of quality, freshness, size, and grade.

Guidelines for Selling at the Market
1.     Vendors must bring their own facilities for displaying and selling their products.  Such facilities must be constructed in a manner that poses no hazard to the public, and allow easy access to goods on display.

2.     Vendors are required to keep their space neat and clear of obstacles, litter, and debris.

3.     Vendors are responsible for bringing garbage containers for disposal of paper products, wrappers, and other debris for the convenience of their customers.  At the end of the market day vendors must clear their space of debris and litter.

4.     Vendors are encouraged to have business cards and/or pamphlets available to customers.

5.     No form of discrimination is permitted at the market.

6.     Every effort will be made to establish a consistent space and location for each vendor.

7.     It is recommended that vendors unload and display their products by one-half hour prior to the opening time of the market.

8.     Vendors should remain at the market for the entire market day until the closing time.

9.     All display tables should be covered with cloths, and an effort made for an attractive display of your products.


Lyme Farmers Market, Inc.
P.O. Box 294, Old Lyme, CT 06371